Snooping Caprock, Part 8

In this, the final installment, of Snooping Caprock, Sandra leads her friends from Smokers in a nighttime search of the VMF, where she finds the answers she's been looking for.  And her friends throw her a surprise birthday party, which, as is the usual way of these things, isn't really a surprise.  

Snooping Caprock, Part 7

In this reading, Sandra meets the spouses of the couple who went missing the year before, which leads to her getting caught poking around in the VMF as she looks for clues as to what happened to the couple.  Also, she is physically attacked by Tansy and Beth, which results in her moving into a hotel for a few days.  

Snooping Caprock, Part 6

In this installment, Sandra and Hazel are both victims of Millie's odd brand of vandalism.  Also, Sandra receives a vicious punch from Paula, and the pigs that were stolen from the zoo turn up in Sandra's house.  

Snooping Caprock, Part 5

In this reading Sandra's tires are slashed and her house alarm goes off in the middle of the night.  She also ponders giving her mother's cat away, and is told that Donald is being elusive simply to tease her.  

Snooping Caprock, Part 4

In this reading Sandra offends many people in town when she dominates the discussion during the town meeting.  Also, she discovers that the zookeeper and her friends seem to be involved with a fight club, and she spends a hundred dollars to buy her boss peace of mind.  

Snooping Caprock, Part 3

In this installment Sandra's snooping leads to her inadvertently witnessing a violent confrontation between Hazel and her elderly father.  Also, when Sandra's feelings are hurt because of an off-hand remark from a friend, Sandra is upset enough to become a hermit for several days.  

Snooping Caprock, Part 2

In this installment Sandra and her friends from work discover a dead body in the wolf enclosure at the zoo.  Also, Sandra spies on Donald as he goes fishing and is vexed when three of her friends imply that she is too nosy.