My name is Jenny Waldo.  I live in Marble Falls, Texas.  Northwest of Austin, we're located on the triangle of land northeast of 71 and southeast of 281.  My favorite things to do are:  write novels, make quilts, play Mahjong, and travel.  My favorite person, David, my husband, is a semi-retired oil consultant.  He travels quite a bit, telling people about fracturing and shale gas.  He gives a titillating lecture, I’m sure.  My sons, Curtis and Sam, are grown and I like to hear what they're up to.  I have a small dog, Dilly, who finds me fascinating. 

In my novels I aim for a mixture of humor and gravitas.  For instance, my current work explores the theme of stuff—why do people collect stuff?  Where do they put stuff when they no longer need it?  Why do people want other people’s stuff?  This novel, appropriately, is called Why Stuff Matters.   Set in an antique mall, it tells what happens when a grieving widow who has no desire to own anything must work with a group of retired seniors who see exaggerated value in everything.  My previous novel, Old Buildings of North Texas, is about addiction recovery and learning to adjust to the lifestyle changes that follow.  When a cocaine addict is required to move in with her mother after rehab, she takes up urbexing as a hobby.  Soon she’s looting abandoned buildings and having all kinds of adventures.  See, both these themes have room to expand.  That’s how I like to write—start with a little picture in my head and allow it to grow.